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There can’t be many Facebook members that have a great knowledge of our two tragically lost Arcades .

How we came to lose one of these Majestic Edwardian buildings never mind the two is beyond me.

But alas we did .
Queen Arcade Plan

This plan is dated 1930 and it gives you a rough idea of the lay-out of the Queens’ Arcade.

Were in my youth you would have seen Jaeger Fashions and Hindes tobacconists either side of Its main entrance in the Square .
A children’s favourite pastime ,was a visit to Fletchers booksellers and check out the stamps, (every lad collected foreign stamps at that time) then down the steps into Victoria Street.

As you can see it wasn’t quite as large and lengthy as it companion the Central Arcade and more circular in shape. housing probably ten businesses downstairs with offices above.

Most younger Wulfrunians seem to get the changes and occupants mixed up in the two arcades now I spent many happy hours exploring both of these icons and will only be to pleased to pass on any information regarding them.

Below the old cellar head.