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Today in 2016, and perhaps as I did in 1958, if you are looking for a select shop to purchase a engagement or Wedding ring the name Rudell’s springs to mind in Darlington Street.
But it wasn’t always that way.

Samuels 1950

H Samuel now thats a name most Wulfrunians are familiar with . Older folk will recall the classic facade of the pre-war building on the corner of Queen Street.

Gold House

But perhaps less known was their much older rival competitor James Langman a little further down Dudley Street whose premises were later gobbled up by Marks and Spencer.

What brought these two Wolverhampton Jewellers to mind. Well I had a very interesting e-mail from my friend and fellow member of Lost Wolverhampton now residing in Winsconsin. John Favill.

To quote John: Dear Billy,
Just recently my wife Mae found a receipt for the purchase of her mothers wedding ring made out on July 17th 1929 at James Langman Ltd., The Gold House 21 Dudley Street.
The cost of the plain gold ring cost £2 five shillings, a measure of how times have changed over 87 years.
To prove how popular were Langmans at the time I also had a copy of a similar receipt from 1924 When my grandfather purchased a 18 carat Diamond & Coral ring unmounted for £3.ten shillings.

Below the old cellar head.