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While researching stories from the 1st World War in the many old newspapers I have I came across was this interesting advert.</p>
<p>Apparently in 1914. The words Obesity and Fat, were never used in regard to the human figure. In those austere days you where either Lean or Stout!.</p>
<p>And in November 1914 according to the Daily Mirror this then unknown dietician had come up with an amazing discovery to shed the pounds of Stout ladies.</p>
<p>All this with No poisonous drugs, no harmful exercises, no starvation diet, but the simplest of home methods.<br />
Miss Hartland the lady in question, has considerable means has kindly consented to send a copy of her book free to anyone interested in her discovery<br />
.<br />
All she asks is that a penny stamp should be enclosed for postage.<br />
<p>Winifred Grace Hartland, (Dept 749) Diamond House, Hatton Garden, London,E.C. </p>


Below the old cellar head.