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A friend from my youth Albert Edwards late of Thornley Street knew there had been a well established Public House in Queen Square But couldn’t recall where it was or when it disappeared. The Public House in question was “Harleys Vaults” I recall this building very well – in fact it was one of the first pubs I went in. The licensee at the time in the 1940’s, was Jimmy Hart a friend of my fathers and as this pub only had a six day licence Dad and I would call in and see jimmy on a Sunday morning when the pub was officially closed.</p>
<p>Well here you will see Harleys Vaults as it appeared in the time of the first World War, on the far left on this photograph,and its appearance would be more or less the same as I recall in the 1940’s, the facade very much in keeping with the “Posada”its companion in Lichfield Street.

Below the old cellar head.