I decided to start this website so that I could share some of my memories of Wolverhampton with others, and see if there were people like me who enjoy talking about the People and Places that contributed to Wolverhampton’s rich and colourful past.

The Howl is my blog section of the site, where I write articles that focus on taking a more personal look at the events that have shaped the town, and the people whose lives have been entwined with it throughout the last one hundred years or so.

I hope that the Forum on the site will become a community for people to reminisce about the Characters that they once knew, and talk about the places that were special to them. I would like to encourage people of all ages, so even if you were born too late to remember how things were in the town all those moons ago, if you are interested in finding out about how people lived back then or would like to find out about how the sites of the town looked, I would love for you to join in the fun.

The website is not a precise History website. It is my reflection on the places and people I knew, and an exchange for the local people and families that also wish to recall the folk that were important in their lives. Of course, there are many instances where elements of our Local History are highlighted, but they are usually as part of a story about a specific person or place or theme.

If pure local History is what you are craving, I can recommend the most excellent Wolverhampton History & Heritage Website maintained by Bev Parker, and also the site for the Wolverhampton Civic & Historical Society, where I am very proud to be a member.

Of course, I can’t take all of the credit for the Lost Wolverhampton website. I also have a fantastically dedicated team that help take care of the more technical side of things. The team consists of Ava Kelly, Lost Wolverhampton’s Editor, who kindly proofreads every post; the team from honeypotwebsites who look after the Website for me, along with other behind the scenes tinkering. My deepest thanks to them for the effort and time they put in to make it all possible.

A little about me:

William Howe

My name is William Howe, my friends call me Billy. I was born in 1937 in the shadow of Saint Peters Church in Wolverhampton.

Now as an old Wulfrunian, I recall my time as a lad, spending most of it around the markets with my father and grandfather and meeting lots of old characters. As with the older generation, they loved to talk about their youth and I loved to listen.

Through this interest, I developed a passion for the history of old Wolverhampton; a passion that has become a deep love.

I give local talks and slide show presentations on this theme, if you would like to book me for one please contact me here.

They say every picture tells a Story, and every memory renews a joy; well my friends I invite you now to follow my Blog and see if my pictures can awaken some long dormant stories of your own.