Post 138 - A Pre-War Plan

A Pre-War Plan

A Pre-War Plan – That with hindsight, could have gone better.   Mayor wants market- place Air-raid shelter for Wolverhampton! Advocates big Car Park Underground A scheme for a large subterranean car park to be constructed underneath the marketplace, which would also serve the dual purpose of being an air-raid […]

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Fish on display in-between the wars in Wolverhampton's original Retail Market, Cheapside.

Friday We Had Fish

Although I have never been a keen angler, throughout my life I have always had a love for fish. It may stem from the fact that my grandfather and my father were at some time connected with the trade. To this day there is nothing I find more interesting  that […]

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The Markets

The original market place as you probably know was in High Green, which is now Queen Square; and was long a nuisance to the inhabitants and a great trial to the health of the Butchers, green-grocers etc, who possessed the stalls. So in 1848, the newly elected Town Council agreed […]

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