A STORY FOR HALLOWEEN There is an old house lying peacefully in the heart of shropshire, a beautiful Elizabethan building with unusual chimney stacks. It is to these chimney stacks a curious and eerie story is told.   Plaish Hall at Cardington  – An evocative drawing courtesy of Legendary Wolverhampton […]

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Mouthing Off!

The terrible  treatment of the weaker sex across the World at the moment, which I abhor, is brought to us graphically every day through the news and media. Regarding this, the lines and title in this  my latest post may seem a bit derogatory. I can assure you this is […]

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Hard To Swallow

This tale of a “British Restaurant” is an hard one to swallow. Do you remember the British or Civic Restaurants?” as they were known. British Restaurants  were inaugurated in 1941, to provide a substantial cheap meal   for the general public, and there were originally  five such restaurants in Wolverhampton, situated […]

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