The Future Hides The Past


Memories last longer than Dreams- Lets share them! Here in Wolverhampton everything that surrounds us in our everyday lives, every street, supermarket, football ground, university and park, even the land your house is built on is a reminder of something else that was there in the past.     The hoardings […]

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The Four Hovels

No. 26 Nursery Street was the house my Grandparents moved to; the end house in the street overlooking an area of the Londes which had been turned into waste ground at the start of the demolition of North Street in the late 1950’s. But for at least 100 years prior […]

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The Londes

I want to talk about a place called “The Londes”. Picture this place: Due to the building of the new Asda Supermarket, the re-building of the Molineux grounds, and the considerable extensions to the University Campus, the area where I spent my youth has been completely replaced by new buildings […]

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