A blog about the history and nostalgia of Wolverhampton by local amateur historian… William Howe.

I decided to start this website so that I could share some of my memories of Wolverhampton with others, and see if there were people like me who enjoy talking about the People and Places that contributed to Wolverhampton's rich and colourful past.

The Howl is my blog section of the site, where I write articles that focus on taking a more personal look at the events that have shaped the town, and the people whose lives have been entwined with it throughout the last one hundred years or so.

Post 124 - Bilston's Blast From The Past


A potted history of Bilston Steel Works. Gone today in 2015 But will never be Forgotten. Bilston Steel Works was situated at Spring Vale, Bilston.         Between 1866 and 1883 six new blast furnaces were built at Springvale. The furnaces were hand-fed and the molten iron was run off into pig beds. Despite the crude nature of…

Post 123 - Bilston's Jewel In The Crown


  Local Bilstonians pass this building today with hardly a second glance as it has just been an integral part of the High Street scene throughout their life times..     The Wars of the Roses would seem to mark the period of this ancient house, formerly the home of the De Mollesleys. and built by John De Mollesley who…

Post 122 Gone But Not Forgotten


The landscape of so many cities and towns throughout Britain has changed dramatically since the war especially the centres containing the streets with the various individual shops sitting side by side. Wolverhampton, for example in the heart of the “Midlands’ was never a classic picture postcard town I suppose mainly through its industrial background, but it is a typical example…

Post 121 - The Man on the oss is 150 years old today

Wolverhampton’s “Man on the ‘Oss” is 150 years old this year.

  Wolverhampton’s “Man on the ‘Oss” is 150 years old this year!   Arrowsmith’s cartoon shows the captured Crimean Cannon, soon to be replaced with the statue of the Prince Consort which remains there today in 2015. After the death of Albert, the Prince Consort, in 1861 steps were taken in Wolverhampton to erect a statue in his memory. In 1864…

Post 120 - Colourful Characters Of Pipers Row

Colourful Characters Of Pipers Row

Kathy Thomas guides one of her fathers prized ponies back down Lichfield Street to the “Barley Mow” in the 1930’s.   Now one of the main aims of “Lost Wolverhampton” is to research and record the social history of the town. and when we study the streets and yards, and the remarkable characters of old who frequented them, we are…

Post 119 - Such A shame to see the fox go

Such A Shame To See The Fox Go

After the minimal protest “The Old Fox” has gone and North Street is once more bereft. While I grieve for the loss of the “Fox” ( Late Wanderer) I grieve for myself too. For what I have lost for and for what is past and can never be brought back. Another piece of my childhood Jigsaw has been lost forever.…

Post 118 Life With The Lions


“Howes Life” with the Lions   When my Aunt featured in the Lions Den at Bostock & Wombwells, Menagerie, in 1930 It was to be the last time this popular attraction would visit our town.   This lively sketch of the old Market Place, dated 1793, by artist Thomas Rowlandson, looking up High Green towards the church, is one of the…

Post 117 North Street's Gone West

North Street’s – Gone West

WHAT’S HAPPENED TO NORTH STREET? North Street. dominated by the Telephone exchange ,on one side and the Civic Centre on the other – is not really a street any more since the ring road came and cut it in half. Today in 2015, with Wadhams Hill gone, The Town Hall, Civic Hall , and Giffard House, are now isolated and parted from…

Post 116 - Grandma's Fruit Shoip


This brief history of a little fruit shop in Horseley Fields was sent to me in 2015, from Malcolm Smith. A proud Wulfrunian of 70 years standing (as he put it), now exiled in Cornwall. And it came about when Malcolm who had signed up to Lost Wolverhampton sent this favourable comment. Blimey! What memories in those photos, especially North…