A blog about the history and nostalgia of Wolverhampton by local amateur historian… William Howe.

I decided to start this website so that I could share some of my memories of Wolverhampton with others, and see if there were people like me who enjoy talking about the People and Places that contributed to Wolverhampton's rich and colourful past.

The Howl is my blog section of the site, where I write articles that focus on taking a more personal look at the events that have shaped the town, and the people whose lives have been entwined with it throughout the last one hundred years or so.

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OUR PAST IS ALL AROUND US It has been said many times Heritage is not just something on display in museums or town archives. Here in Wolverhampton everything that surrounds us in our everyday lives, every street, supermarket, football ground, university and park, even the land your house is built on Is a reminder of something else that was there in…

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 AND EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY The Joy of reading came to me in North Street       Anyone  who in the 1950′s, who made the trip to the Molineux grounds, or  may have taken a trolley bus ride too and from Fordhouses,  or the petrol bus to Brewood,or even perhaps may have once lived in one of the…

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Every Picture Tells A Story

When market trading in fruit and vegetables was in its prime.   Looking to the west from the terrace of St Peter’s Church with the greenery of the West Park in the background, we see in the foreground in all its olde world splendour, the old market patch, Wolverhampton pictured in the mid 1950’s Although its still early morning we see the…

Plaish Hall


A STORY FOR HALLOWEEN There is an old house lying peacefully in the heart of shropshire, a beautiful Elizabethan building with unusual chimney stacks. It is to these chimney stacks a curious and eerie story is told.   Plaish Hall at Cardington  - An evocative drawing courtesy of Legendary Wolverhampton Express & Star artist , Arthur Arrowsmith.     This…


Specks On A dusty Road – Part Twelve

   “THE LAST PICTURE SHOW” One final look at Steen & Blackets Map of 1871 – recalling (No.1) 1909.William Gough – Builders. (No 2) 1921, Hollingsworth – Bacon Curer’s /  1927. The Globe – Picture House / 1943. The Carlton Picture House / 1964. Bergs- Credit Drapers. (No.3) 1950’s Frank Glover- Motor Engineers. (No. 4) Holly Bush Inn. Today in 2014. Bergs Drapers extended…


Specks On A Dusty Road – Part Seven

“HORSELEY FIELDS ” - a bagful of Nostalgia.     Today as I  wait for my bus at Pipers Row,  Bus Station, I gaze through the glass windows across the ring-road at  St Davids Court and the “Novotel”, and my thoughts instantly return to a time when life around there  was so different. My mind  conjures up lost images of  St James’s Square,  Walsall Street schools and the…