Art Deco We Have Seen It All

In my youth it was  on every wall.

Two evocative photos of the Victorian terraced block of three  houses at the top of Parkfield Road on the Coseley U.D.C. side.


The outside two of which had been over the years adapted as small retail  shops.


Parkfield Road 1
Towards “Fighting Cocks”


Picture No. one is looking west toward the Fighting Cocks Junction. The shop on the left is probably a newsagents and  is noted by the board  outside with the weeks attractions at the Savoy cinema.

But its gable wall holds the   main attraction with  wonderful artwork encouraging passers by to buy local born grocer George Masons bacon . alongside  an unmissable bill of fare at the Penn Cinema in Warstones Road.


Parkfield Road 2
Towards “The New Road”

Picture No. two is looking east  toward Thompson Avenue and Bilston.


The shop  on the right I would say by the window  adverts was a sweets and tobacconists, and their gable wall is again enriched by art work supplied by  the Wolverhampton Billposter Company, in this case,  the family’s favourite Sunday evening meal of the day, complimented by Ogdens “St Bruno” grandads popular pipe tobacco.

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  1. I wish I had a pound for every time I’d walked past those shops…..on the other side of Parkfield Rd was Ireland’s garage…

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