Arthur Arrowsmith

He was a shining light for old Wufflers in the dark days just after the war and Wolverhampton’s legacy was certainly enriched by Express and Star artist Arthur Arrowsmith for it was he who gave us priceless works of art for the price of a three halfpenny newspaper. And it […]

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A Man Of Wolverhampton

Who, in Wolverhampton over the age of 60, has not heard the name of Bert Adey, a sportsman and popular licensee of a once equally known William Butler’s house; the ‘Pear Tree’? Showing some early foresight At the end of the Great War , when making his name as a […]

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The Markets

The original market place as you probably know was in High Green, which is now Queen Square; and was long a nuisance to the inhabitants and a great trial to the health of the Butchers, green-grocers etc, who possessed the stalls. So in 1848, the newly elected Town Council agreed […]

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