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      All Members and other participants of this forum are kindly requested to read and respect the following points on forum decorum.

      Please do:


        • Maintain a sense of community spirit when posting on the forums.


          • Post links to other sites provided they are in keeping with and relevant to the community we are trying to establish here.


            • Try to post new topics in relevant forums.


              • Use the search feature to see if your topic is already covered in the forum.


                • Respect other peoples religion, gender, sexual orientation, political alignment and other personal beliefs.


                  • Try to resolve any disagreements in a mature fashion using the private message function.


                    • Enjoy the site.



                    Please do not:

                      • Be insulting, rude, discriminatory, racist, sexist, homophobic, aggressive or otherwise abusive to other members.


                        • Abuse the private message function.


                          • Bully or intimidate other users.


                            • Post links to offensive, pornographic, shock sites, copyrighted material and illegal or dangerous websites.


                              • Post advertisements for commercial interests and other forms of spam.


                                • Argue with moderators.


                                  • Bicker with each other.


                                    • Give out your login/account details or other confidential personal information such as bank account details, phone numbers etc. All information you put on this site is viewable by everyone who comes on the forum. Please only give out information you would trust with a stranger.



                                    Other points:

                                      • In order to keep bandwidth use and site file size to a minimum, we prefer it if you would link to images hosted elsewhere, rather than attaching them to your posts, wherever possible.


                                        • The moderators reserve the right to delete any topic or post without giving warning or reason. Please do not re-post deleted content.


                                          • If you are worried about any content, posts or threads being deleted we advise you safeguard against permanent loss by backing it up on your computer.


                                            • If you wish to report a post or private message that contains offensive, abusive, illegal or otherwise disallowed content, please use the “report post” or “report private message” button located at the bottom right of every post and private message. Please select an appropriate reason and provide any other details about the infraction and a moderator will deal with the issue.


                                              • Users who fail to adhere to the rules may be removed.


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