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      Mark Cooper


      Just to advise members that after much searching we have found the Plaque

      commemorating 150 years of locomotive building in the City. Yes, it was there

      all the time, hidden in the carpark of Eurofit Stafford Road/Gorsebrook Road

      I can send in photos if required (when I can figure out how to do it). The request? came from Michael Webb, volunteer at Bantock House, who’s

      grandfather worked at the Great Western Works. So, Michael, here is your

      story.? It’s in the carpark with a “Wheelset”? – a set of railway carriage


      While on the subject of lost history, I can report that Mr Aaron Gill has

      started a campaign to “SAVE ST. LUKE’S CHURCH, BLAKENHALL” from

      the ravages of time and maintenance by the C of E, those interested in saving this beautiful church for future generations, please google “Save St. Luke’s

      on the 38 degrees website and add your name. So far 1400 people have decided to sign this online petition which has been supported by Pat McFadden MP,? Wolverhampton Civic Historical Society, several councillors,

      the City Council and residends of Blakenhall and Goldthorn area. All are

      welcome to sign, it cost nothing and may well save this glorious building

      which was built in the?1860’s and closed in 2009.? There are some amazing

      photos on the website.? The church was the original home of the “Wolves F.C. “? and has a plaque outside to commemorate the occasion. Justin Welby

      has intervened and the Archdeacon of Lichfield has said it will not be demolished because of the local interest.

      Niphon Works is another at risk building together with Dudley Road School

      so be vigilant, keep your eyes peeled and SIGN THE PETITION before it is

      too late.? Thanks to Aaron Gill for his campaign and all the good work he has

      put in.


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