J B Priestley, a diamond millionair and a bike shop in Wolverhampton.

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      Hallo Bill,
      The older I get the more the struggle to keep up with technology. If this appears I have managed to “crack” it and get into the “NEW” Lost Wolverhampton.
      Reading newspapers, magazines or listening to Radio and Television, isn’t it great how the ears prick up or you concentrate when you come across the word Wolverhampton, especially if there is a personal tag you can hang onto.
      Only taking one newspaper a week now, the Saturday Telegraph, with I Pad filling the rest of my needs, there is a story in this week’s edition that quotes J B Priestley, bloody good story teller, champagne socialist, saying, although he would rather take his holidays in Florence rather than Wolverhampton, he would prefer to live in the Black Country rather than Tuscany. A couple of years ago Pat and I were staying at a bed and breakfast in Cape Town and one of the guests was a very smart, with it, lady of some 82 Summers, who told us of her first visit to London with her father back in the late fifties. They had been invited to a reception at the home of Sir Philip Oppenheimer, think De Beers and diamonds, where this strange man introduced himself as J B Priestley, then berated the 17 year old for being a white South African and of mistreating the coloured population. A bit strange as her father was known as a prominent liberal and had been invited to the reception because of this.
      A few pages further, a full page had been given over to another Yorkshire man who had won the 1952 Tour of Britain, as the lone wolf, without a team, on his own. On the last leg 30 miles from the finishing line, with victory in sight, his bike was about to give up the ghost. In despair he turned to the next rider, a Belgian and asked, “Donnez moi votre bicylette?” Incredibly the rider, Marcel Michaux, who himself was looking for a top ten finish handed over his bike and Ken Russell went onto win the 1952 Tour of Britain. The interesting part of the article for me was a photograph of the results and there in fifth position was the name Ian Steel, riding for Viking Cycles. My first new bike was an Ian Steel Clubmaster model, Kingfisher blue, with Tour de France drop handle bars, from Viking cycles in Princes Street. Ian Steel won the first 1951 Tour of Britain and I would like to say that my hero inspired me to great cycling events but alas the Sunday morning run to Bridgnorth was sufficient for me.

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      “CONGRATULATIONS” George, this means that there at least 2 members signed up with the new “Lost Wolverhampton” forum, you and me!

      I have been in touch with Billy and in the near future I hope to see the forum pick up (fingers crossed)

      Bob Hanley.

      Brother Phillip and self 1937.

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