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    Back on the old site we were able to look up the members list, we knew how many we had and even the meagre details some of us published about ourselves. Is this still possible or am I lagging behind on the road of Technology? The reason I ask is the contribution from Carole M. Hello Carole and welcome to Lost Wolverhampton. Are you from Wolverhampton, where did you go to school, your first job?  I have been fortunate to meet some of our members, usually with Bill and it has always been a good experience. We all have an interest in the memories members can tell us, I look forward to more.

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    Hi George, we don’t have a members list.

    People can introduce themselves though in the Introduce Yourself thread in the forum.


    Also every member has a site Profile which can be filled in with details about yourself if you wish.

    Click on your name at the top right hand side of the screen when you are signed into the site to access your profile.

    To view other peoples profiles, click on their name that’s beneath their avatar in any forum post they have posted on.

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