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      The Christian Cross is widely regarded as the best-known symbol of modern-day Christianity. It is directly connected to the crucifix and broadly to a large family of religious cross symbols. The fundamental forms of the Cross are the Latin and the Greek one with numerous other variants. The Cross happens to be a great contradiction. It is an embodiment of survival and death, hatred and affection, iniquity and virtue, destruction and creation.

      The cross which was once a potent symbol of execution is now an emblem of life itself. As a matter of fact, the religiosity of the cross implies many things to many people. It is a central element in professing one’s faith to Christianity and its tenets thereof.

      Some individuals have shown the cross on their mantel whereas others have worn it around their neck. The cross indisputably has many connotations and applications. Thus, one might wonder, what is the cross?

      The cross denotes love:First and foremost, the cross implies love. Jesus Christ died for the sinners of the world. He did not die because it was a compulsion but rather it was a choice. A choice made out of love. The great Jesus Christ still adores his sinners. He came to this planet and paid for their sins. Thus, no one should question that above all, the cross denotes the ubiquitous virtue of love.

      The Cross is willful humility: The death of Jesus Christ was an act of his own volition. As is stated in the Bible by Saint Paul, the death of Jesus Christ was an act of obedience to forego the sins of those who dwelled on this planet. He gave his mind, thoughts, and life itself on the cross. The Cross is willful humility because being a follower of God is not necessarily a passive act. It is an act of our volition, convictions and more importantly of our own will.

      The Cross is Prophetic: The Bible is filled with the many prophecies of the cross. From the inception of humanity to the modern age we live in, the central intention of Go was to save humanity from the hands of evil forces. The cross is a symbol of redemption.

      The Cross is salvation: Many believers hold on to their respective cross and pray to god relieve them from their pain, sufferings, and conundrums. God is a patient listener. The cross is an excellent way to directly connect with God. The cross hence becomes your pathway to salvation.

      In conclusion, it can be stated that the Christian Cross plays a fundamental and central role in Christianity. Believers from around the world – cling to the cross as a distinct expression of hope in the dark times that they face. The primordial implication of the Cross is the virtue of love, which is manifested in the death of Jesus himself. Jesus died for us because he loved us. It is thus recommended that every member of the faith community hold the Cross dear to relieve him or her from their respective difficulties.

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