What are the reasons behind Gmail not loading issue?

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      Mary Smith


      Gmail not loading issue occurs due to many reasons. Some of the reasons are as follows:
      1) First of all, you are using an improper Internet connection.
      2) Working on an outdated version of the web browser.
      3) Gmail IMAP and SMTP Settings are not working properly.
      4) Plugins are not actively responding.
      5) Storage limit is full.
      These are the reasons which lead to Gmail not loading issue. Here you can learn how to fix this issue.

      Gmail Not Working? Learn How Can You Fix It

      Learn how to fix Gmail not loading issue in an easy way.

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      Mark Wilson


      Method 1: Perform a Manual Syncing

      This method is very easy to implement and has a huge success rate. But there is also a disadvantage of this method and therefore it has been considered as a temporary resolution at times. To perform this, follow the steps given below:

      Move the cursor to the upper right side of the Gmail window and have a click on the “Setting” icon. Now, scroll down the list and click on the option of Accounts.
      Now, find and click on the “Google entry” option.
      After that, you have to ensure that all the entries are on. Click on the ‘Sync Now’ option.
      You can find the “Sync Now” button at the bottom side of the screen.

      Method 2: Clear the Gmail Data and Cache

      If you have followed the above-given method and still the error occurs, then you need to clear the data and cache from the Google application. It can troubleshoot your issue and resume the normal syncing functionality.

      Click on the “Settings” option on the Gmail window and then on the “Apps”.
      Now, ensure that the option of “All Apps” is chosen. Now, scroll down the list until you see the Gmail entry.
      Click on the option of Gmail and then again on the option of Storage.
      Hit on the “Clear data”. Now, wait for some time until the process finishes. Click on the option of Clear cache.
      If the Gmail account not working issues are not restricted to Gmail, then you have to repeat the above steps with another Google application.

      Method 3: Check for the Updates

      Some of the Android versions systems are determined to have difficulty with Gmail. Most of the time, it will be resolved by updating the application.

      Click on the option of “Settings” and then scroll down the list and find the option of “Software Updates.’
      Find the option of “Update” by going to the ‘About Device tab’.
      Click on the option of ‘Check for Updates’ and see if any new update of the Gmail is available.
      If you find any new version, then click on the option of Install and wait for a few time until it reboots the device.
      Now, you need to make sure to see if the Gmail is started to syncing normally.


      I hope all these methods will be helpful!

      Mark Wilson

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