January, 6th 1970 - Dash Through Chapel Ash

January, 6th 1970 – Dash Through Chapel Ash

On This Day – January, 6th 1970 

This former “Smoke Belching Monster” was once part of the famed “Golden Arrow” service from London to Paris.

The train was travelling through Chapel Ash, on its way to The Lakeside Railway Society Museum, at Carnforth Lancashire.

It’s French crew left the giant in a lay-by at Kingswood, while they stayed overnight in a nearby hotel.

A Dash Through Chapel Ash


Train In Chapel Ash, 1970
Train In Chapel Ash, 1970

The Clock Tower and The Brewery Stacks

The two large stacks belonging to Banks’s Brewery have for many years dominated the eastern skyline above Chapel Ash.

Their recent appointed companion the new clock tower, an exact copy of the one on the bridge in Bridgnorth, stands today on the recently refurbished Charles Clark & Sons building on the corner of Bath Road.

The clock today shows the correct time of 6.00pm.

The old Weather Vane above it was formerly on top of the old clock tower on Bridgnorth Bridge and was given to Clark’s by Bridgnorth Council at that time.

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