My pictures and stories I hope will illustrate the many changes which have taken place in Wolverhampton at various times particularly in relation to the street scene and […]

    • The top picture states that it was taken in 1968. I’m sorry but I beg to differ. St Peter and St Paul’s school moved out of the premises in 1967 to a local school premises between Birch St and Red Cross St.

      The reason I say this, is that I used to go to the school and had my last year in the replacement school premises, before going onto grammar school.

      I reckon the photo was taken a few years prior to 1968, because I remember the houses, the end one, nearest to St Peter’s, used to be a shop. The houses were knocked down when the school was still located behind Gifford House and the church. Confirmation of this is seen in the photo, which still shows the last remaining houses and shops still standing directly opposite the church (steps leading up, as can be seen in the photo) and school (iron railings next to steps leading upto church) entrances.

      • Thank You Wasyl. I didn’t think the exact date was that important If you notice I put late 1960’s in the following paragraph.
        I recall the school moving to Red Cross Street and the Continental grocers you mentioned Incidentally I also recall looking across at those few remaining houses on the south side of Paternoster Row when I got married at SSPeter and Pauls church in 1958.
        Thank you again for your constructive
        comment I hope you enjoyed the rest of the story. Please keep following L.W.