There Was No Rhyme Nor Reason

A thank you in verse for lifting the curse.

Molineux Hotel

There came a time my drink ran dry,
and those who once cared passed me by.

And all around me was swept away,
never to see another day.

I felt certain this would happen to me,
and the same sorry end was my guarantee.

Then a miracle arrived with my last curtain call,
to offer a new beginning for this old hall.

Molineux Hotel aerial view

In my prime didn’t I look proud,
my head held high up in the cloud.

Now on the hill I stand alone,
this Fallen Monarch has regained his throne.

Molineux Hotel from the ring road

No matter that my welcome fold,
has been replaced by this cruel road.

And my ancient way to Whitmore End,
is now just a part of this continuing bend.

Molineux Hotel in colour

For I’ve returned, to my former glory,
and my contents now tell a different story.

I offer Wulfrunians a greater pleasure,
to re-discover their forgotten treasure.

Molineux Hotel by night

So it’s Out of Darkness Cometh Light,
as I light up the sky again at night.

And God Bless to all who had this vision,
for it’s thanks to you – ‘from the Ashes I have Risen’.

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  1. do any one remember saint peter and paul school and pic the schoolwas behind gifford house and the church i think it was wadams fold ???

    1. Yes, I remember it, as I used to go to school there. The school ceased to exist there in 1968, when it was pulled down for the ring road.

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