A Message to “Old Wufflers”

Wolverhampton over the last half a century like many other towns and cities, has reveled in a orgy of of demolition and re-building, so its not surprising how soon we forget once familiar buildings and localities – My name is Billy Howe, and I do Wolverhampton Nostalgia, with my pictures and stories, over the next few months I’ll try to capture the atmosphere of the town as I knew it – which I hope will jog the memories of those who lived through those times and provoke the imagination of those who did not.

Please jump in at anytime and add your comments on anything that stirs your memory.

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  1. I remember so many things about Wolverhampton. It breaks my heart to see how much it has changed. The heart and the character has been ripped out of it.

    The Cafe Royal where you went down stairs, the coffee bars, Milano, Darlington Street and the Expresso, Berry Street, where we would meet lots of the people who were appearing at the Grand Theatre who had popped in for a coffee. Some to rehears their lines.

    I remember the cinema’s and the dance halls. The Queens the Dorchester and Scala. The roller skating rink next door to the Dorchester. The Jazz club above the George Hotel, corner of Stafford Street
    The alley ways and short cuts through the town that hadn’t changed much over many years.
    Trolley buses, which at one time my dad drove.
    The lovely indoor market opposite the town hall where on Saturday mornings my brother and I went, to spend our 6 pence pocket money.
    Moving the market was the worst thing they ever did, and building the montrous Civic center which almost obliterates our beautiful St Peters Church was a crime. My 3 x great grandfather Theophilus Holding was the parsh clerk there for about 40 years. in the 1800’s.
    I often say if my Dad came back now ( he died 1980) he wouldn’t recognise the place and he was a bus driver in Wolverhampton.
    I love your site and will return to it many times I am sure.

    1. Hello , I am resercing the family tree for a friend and we are looking in to the man Theophilis Holidng . I would love to make contact

  2. Remember Sunday school at Baptist Chapel Dunstall Rd .1957

    Loving having a new white dress for the church anniversaries mom saving her provident coupons for me.

    Still recall the hymns we sang , our choir lady was called Mrs Ball ,

    We paraded round local streets with the Boys brigade

    Happy memories do any one remember taking part my maiden name was Beech .

  3. This website really made me cry. I’m not from Woverhampton, nor I’m British. I’m Romanian and I am truly shocked by the present Wolverhampton in comparrison to the glorious one long time ago. I found out this website while searching for information about the city, as I started working here this month as a warehouse operative. I found this job from a recruitment agency from my country, which has contracts with UK agencies. Too bad the city is being demolished building after building and not modernised in the greatest manner. Also, it’s very dissapointing that the City Centre is less and less populated with people, especially in the evening and at nights. Nevertheless, most of the immigrants that came and still come here are not of the best of them and they cause trouble all over, which give an intense ammount of unsecureness for the nice, honest and hard-working people that live there. Last but not least, the fact that most of the properties are owned by greedy non-British landlords is a real problem for people who want to start their lives from scratch there…

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