An exterior view of Wolverhampton Hippodrome circa 1921.

The Fall Of Wolverhampton Hippodrome

Wolverhampton Hippodrome was formerly the old Empire Palace Theatre But what caused the fall… of the old Wolverhampton music hall? The tragic loss of this majestic Queen Square icon happened sixty-two years ago this week.     The Wolverhampton Hippodrome framed through the arch of the Queen Arcade, shortly before […]

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Wolverhampton - Brickkiln-Croft

Brickkiln Croft

  Postcards from the past – Brickkiln Croft   Westside Story It was confirmed today 31st May 2017, that The £55 million regeneration scheme for Westside in Wolverhampton will start in 2018. This past 12 months,  has seen Heantun House and the old indoor market knocked down to pave the […]

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Darlington Street Trolly Buses

Darlington Street

Postcards from the past – Darlington Street     Crawford Wells the Sleep Shop, provides the backdrop for this summer scene offering bargains at their premises on the junction of School Street and Waterloo Road. Next door Albert Williams, in School Street, has just added a men’s hairdressers above this […]

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Post 138 - A Pre-War Plan

A Pre-War Plan

A Pre-War Plan – That with hindsight, could have gone better.   Mayor wants market- place Air-raid shelter for Wolverhampton! Advocates big Car Park Underground A scheme for a large subterranean car park to be constructed underneath the marketplace, which would also serve the dual purpose of being an air-raid […]

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February, 14th 1981

On this day – February 14th, 1981. £155,000 comeback for Lindy Lou. Where the headlines in our local newspaper that evening.   Building takes 14 months to renovate One of Wolverhampton’s oldest buildings has been restored to its original condition after 14months’ work, costing £155,000.   “Why all the fuss? […]

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