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As most of our members know, today my wife and I live in Bridgnorth and one of our favourite summer activities (bus pass in hand) is ride to Shrewsbury.
      After our usual walk along the tree lined river from the English bridge to Quarry park where if the weather is favourable we have our lunch. in the pleasant gardens at the Dingle after which we enjoy searching out the rich heritage of this medieval town.

      Now going back some forty years ago whilst working for Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries who at that time had just ventured into what was fresh fields for them and also myself, around Shrewsbury. I spent twelve months operating a new venture for them in Upton Magna.

      During those twelve months I enjoyed the company of the local farming community who had most interesting stories to tell of old times and on my journeys into town I took many photographs of the area.
      This Saturday I took a few of these photo’s from the seventies with me and thought I see how times had been changing, and what did I find (Not a lot) as far as the buildings were concerned.
      Now as we always at the end of our visit call in at our favourite dependable “Costa”


      The Bridgnorth Bus as it travels into the High Street stops here, alongside the Square,.
      Two charming young ladies pose for me as I alight from the bus and take this view up High Street were on the left opposite the Square is Grope lane,. Why is it called Grope Lane? well you probably will gather by the name. Loads of towns in the Country had a Grope Lane but most of them have changed the name.
      All the Grope Lanes mentioned were used mainly for one trade, prostitution and it was big business in the medieval days of course.

      Now the building on the corner at the bottom of “Grope Lane” in the 1780`s
      was known as The Globe later becoming The Cross Keys around 1820 and then entering into many name changes from around 1910. When this picture was probably taken as you may notice here Allsopps Brewery supplied the beer and Slaney’s were the tenants.


      If at any time you feel like a walk up Grope Lane just pause for a while and look at the builders marks on the timbers of the old Cross Keys, all the timber houses built in town were originally put together in the forest where the timber was felled to make sure it all fit, once the carpenter was happy he would mark each timber to tell his workers where each one had to go.
      Most of the time these mark are on the inside but as this was an inn do you think the carpenter was paid in ale on a drink as you go basis?
Halfway up Grope Lane, used to be St. Martins chapel and it is believed that under this chapel was one of the three Plague pits that we had in the town, around 2,000 of the 9,500 Shrewsbury folk who succumbed to the black death are thought to be buried in the pit but sadly all traces of the chapel are long gone.
There are some lovely individual shops in Grope Lane that are well worth a visit but take heart, none are trading in you know what!!”
      A big thank you to Town Crier Martin Wood. who gave me the historic information see above.


      This was the shot I took of the building on Saturday, slightly changed in appearance to how it looked over a century ago, as you can see and of course gone over to a beverage less taxing on the liver.

      Below the old cellar head.

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      A very informative piece about my adopted Home Town. Shrewsbury is a gorgeous place to live with loads of history and picturesque places to visit. We have lived here for 32 years but that still doesn’t stop me from being passionately interested in the heritage and history of my ‘real’ home town – Wolverhampton and of the fortunes of our beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers. The next time I’m over in Wolverhampton I will definitely let you know and perhaps we can have that pint in my, still favourite watering hole – The Great Western.

      Regards, Terry

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      Corner of High Street of the past 1960’s – Do I spot a white Austin 1800


      Below the old cellar head.

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      Fast forward fifty years nothings changed except the weather.


      Below the old cellar head.

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