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      I’m sure we all remember our early driving experiences. The first time I ever drove a car was in a friend’s Ford Anglia when I managed to park on a neighbours coveted front lawn! (Nobody thought to tell me how to stop the damn thing! Thankfully the car stalled before we hit the front room!) After that ignominious experience I decided that the time was right to have some “proper” driving lessons. I had my first real driving with a local school in an A40 and, after having lessons, I managed to scrape through my driving test. Another friend had an A40 which he let me borrow on occasions. He didn’t tell me that the hand-brake was non-existant, a fact I only discovered as I careered backwards down Victoria after trying to stop at the Queen’s Square junction. Thankfully, traffic in those days was sparse so I was spared further embarrassment. I decided I would be safer if I bought my own vehicle. My first purchase was a 1957 Hillman Minx which cost me the grand total of £9-10 shillings. The car very quickly earned a nickname – unrepeatable here – for it’s tendency to drop it’s gear linkage all over the road at 7.00am whilst on my  way to work. I became pretty proficient at the repair – as long as I could find all the bits! I got rid of the car pretty quickly when I discovered that the manifold, just under the carb. used to glow red hot, even after a short journey. I moved on to a Ford Classic, kindly donated by an Uncle for nothing. This car was a Rolls compared to it’s predecessor. It did however have a tendency to try to eject the driver by throwing open the driver’s door every time it went around a left hand bend. Both cars live long in the memory of those early days. All my cars since have been safer and more reliable – although, given the above, that has not been difficult!

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      In 1958 after finishing my Army service  I Got the urge as most do to learn to drive . This I did with the help of my boss in the Wholesale Market in Wolverhampton who allowed me to place L Plates on our three ton Bedford, and with an accompanying driver, deliver goods to local tradesmen.

      I think it was my second outing when on our way to pick up a load of pre-packed potatoes I ran over a dog that had run under the back wheels We were opposite the police Station at Tern Hill at the time and I will never forget carrying the dead animal into the station that day.

      Then as you did I bought my own vehicle a second hand A.38 Pick-up which I drove myself without L Plates before taking and passing my test.

      If you look on the second picture of the three (Questions and Answers) regarding Wulfruna Street. You will see the Lorry in question behind the pick-up.

      More about the A.38 soon.

      Below the old cellar head.

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