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      Tony H


      I never lived in Wolverhampton until I came here as a Policeman in 1967. In January 1968 I was assigned to a permanent beat Roughly between Bilston Street, Pipers Row and Horseley Fields. A very interesting area. 24 licensed premises. 3 cafes, a few betting offices, shops, business premises and houses in the centre. I stayed till May 1970. Most of it has now gone and that makes me somewhat sad. What really interests me is what the area was like before the wholesale demolitions in the late 1930s. I have plenty of maps but very few photos.

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      Welcome on board Tony,Its a shame you didn’t see that area in the 1940’s 50’s Tony it was full life.
      Please check out my stories on the Howl, “Specks on a Dusty Road”.
      I gather from what you say you are not resident in Wolverhampton today and didn’t spend much time here.
      Besides our forum here on the website, we also have a Lost Wolverhampton facebook group, please check it out sometime.

      Jenny tells us you and she are married – Well Best Wishes to both of you.

      Below the old cellar head.

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