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    Hi People, my name is Nick. I was born in 1966 and went to Convent Prep School in Poplar Road Penn (now gone). I then went to St Chads College in Old Fallings. I moved to Kingswinford when my parents divorced in my late teens and now live in Perton. I was recently lent a school photo from my primary school in 1976 which brought memories flooding back (funny how that works) but I can’t find anything on the t’internet that mentions the school or its domineering headmistress St Brigid. Any help there Billy

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    Hello Nick
    Welcome to Lost Wolverhampton.

    I had a reason for visiting The Convent of Mercy preparatory School for some reason or other in the mid 1960’s.and I recall Sister Mary Brigid.

    But even ten years previous to that through my job whilst working in the wholesale Vegetable Market, I would call at Poplar Road regularly visiting the Carmelite Monastery across the road, to deliver on my porters barrow, the veg bought for the week by the Mother Prioress who I got to know quite well.

    I always remember as I knocked on the large oak door the sound of the Bell being rang inside to make the young ladies aware there was a visitor calling.

    I will post your request for info regarding the Convent of Mercy on our facebook group and hope we may get other tales of this unfamiliar Catholic school.

    Below the old cellar head.

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    Hi Billy, I was reading through your ‘old forum ‘ and there was a post on ‘introduce yourself ‘ from Perky108. I found out after reading this, that my mum went to the convent with Marlene and remembers her, but I don’t know how I can get a message to her because she doesn’t seem to be on the ‘new forum’






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    I will see what I can do Nick As she said she moved later to Bridgnorth

    Below the old cellar head.

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    Hello Nick, My name is Peter Winmill.

    I was born in 1954, and also went to the Convent Prep until I was 11 (one year before you were born!!).  I remember Sister Mary Brigid very well, and she seemed old when I was there, and I had 2 older brothers (10 and 11 years older) who also went there with the nasty old Sister!!

    My brother Steven also went to St. Chads, but he was born in 1943.

    I have lived in Canada and the US since 1975, but returned home many times.

    I would love to see some pictures of the convent, as I have none, and my parents are now both deceased.

    I was also born at 8 riley crescent, which was affiliated with the Sisters, the convent, and the monastery?!

    Heres hoping?!

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