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      Hello all. I registered on the old forum, but didn’t post too often. I have a keen interest in old Wolverhampton, and own several books on this subject. I hope to contribute further on here, but I’m relatively young in historical terms (in my early 30s) – so do not have the wonderful memories that many of you have. If anything, I find this strengthens my interest as I have a longing to find out about what went before.
      For this purpose I’ve set up a new Facebook group with the aim of working on projects related to old Wolverhampton such as:

      1. Working towards developing a 3D map of Wolverhampton circa 1750, using the Isaac Taylor map & the oldest photographs and drawings from the time as a guide.
      2. A study of Wolv<span class=”text_exposed_show”>erhampton’s tunnels – real or a myth? There doesn’t appear to be anything published about them, but people on various groups claim to have entered them or know of them. We want to get to the bottom of this.
      3. Local area history. The current bounds of Wolverhampton encapsulate various smaller areas that did have their own individual centres.
      4. Wolverhampton’s beginnings – including the archaeology, early English settlers in the area, and the place names.
      5. A definitive list of Wolverhampton’s pubs – including names and where they were situated. Extra information is a bonus (such as which brewery owned the pub, who the licensee was, if the pub no longer exists, when did it close).
      6. Discussion with people who have access to old books, or are regular users of Wolverhampton Archives.</span>

      7. Possible future site visits.

      I’m looking forward to using the forum.

      This beoþ ða land ymere ðe Wlfrun hafaþ, don into ða mynstre in Hamtune, & ðe tune nome ðe ðis priuilegie ymbe specheþ.

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      Welcome on Board – Whats your christian name? We have joined the new group this evening and as the man said: ” Louie I think this is  the beginning of a beautiful Friendship “

      Below the old cellar head.

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      May I also welcome you to the forum Neswulf?  What a wonderful selection of pictures you have on Flickr, it’s a shame you weren’t round and about in the good old days of the Trolleybuses with that camera of yours!


      Brother Phillip and self 1937.

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      Thank you both for the kind welcome. Billy, it’s Neil, though you probably know that from the Facebook group by now.

      Robert, I’m glad you like them. I’m just waiting for the invention of a time machine so I can pursue that one.

      This beoþ ða land ymere ðe Wlfrun hafaþ, don into ða mynstre in Hamtune, & ðe tune nome ðe ðis priuilegie ymbe specheþ.

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