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    Hi, I’m alb10n, or Bill.

    I’m a Brummie, born and bred. I moved to Perton early in December 2012.

    I,m told by some i,m in Wolverhampton & others say I,m South Staffordshire….

    It all depends where I pay for services or things I use. It does my head in a bit.  lol

    I’m a member of  ‘http://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/forum.php’ which is very good. I hope this site is somewhere near it.

    And that’s it  (“,)


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    Hello Bill

    Welcome to our forum which I regret to say has lost a bit of its energy since we updated the format some months ago, but nevertheless our site will keep going and offer old Wulfrunians and welcome new residents such as yourself , an insight into what makes us still proud of our old town.

    Below the old cellar head.

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    Cheers Bill

    Not had chance to have a good look around yet, but i soon will.

    Already got a few questions. It amazes me how so many of the local people i have gotten to know around here (Tettenhall mainly) do not know anything of their history & do not seem to want to know. Already visited Bantock House & a few other places, with more to come.

    I’m always stopping to view the blue plaques located on the Tettenhall Road.

    I find history fascinating.

    Ta again for the welcome (“,)


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    Hi Bill,

    Just wanted to wish you a warm welcome to the site.

    All the best,

    Daniel 🙂

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