Horseley Fields

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    A comment from Malcolm on recieving our New Year Newsletter.
    Blimey! What memories in those photo`s, especially North st.

    The times I went past there upstairs on the trolley bus usually after school (Elston Hall then Wobaston) on my way to my grans in Horseley Fields, and on my own,a lot less traffic then, but  buses everywhere, quite safe for a lad of 9 or 10 to be on his own.
    Any idea where I can find photo`s of the north side of Horseley Fields between the top & corn hill?

    I`ve only seen a couple on Flickr and 1 I have myself of my grans shop (no 19.)

    Yours, Malcolm Smith.

    (Proud Wulfrunian of 70 yrs standing, now exiled in cornwall.)

    Below the old cellar head.

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    This photo shows the North side of Horseley Fields from Mill Street down to Corn Hill.

    But by the time of this photo early 1960’s was taken the half a dozen buildings on the corner of Corn Hill including No. 19 had been demolished to make way for the New General Post Office sorting office,

    I would love to see a photo of your grans shop No.19 which I seem to recall was once a greengrocers, any chance of e-mailing this to me.


    Below the old cellar head.

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