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      Hall Bill,
      In an attempt to drag in a few more contributors and particularly the ladies, the item The Antique Dealers At The Top of the Steps makes me wonder, how many of us have still got items from the distant past and whether we still use them. As I said in my reply to that subject I still have the small desk that was bought for us by my Mother back in 64.
      I can go on a bit here; I married a lady, who like me was not into G Plan furniture but as keen on antiques as I was. I’m hoping she’s still keen on this particular antique, me. In those days there was no “plastic” and you could only get new stuff on the knock, so if we saw something we liked we saved up and bought it. A totally new concept to today’s soon to be weds or co-habitués or civil partnerships. I bought our first three piece suite, which of course isn’t as straight forward a story as that. I found two antique armchairs, not matching, in a shop in Stourbridge that had been re-upholstered in a plum/damson Dralon. When telling Pat I omitted the exact colour shade. The settee, a Chesterfield, came from the same source and of course had to re-covered in the same fruity material. Exactly fifty years later this is still our three piece suite. Too be fair, it has been re-upholstered four times. Likewise the dresser and the six piece dining table, not worth a lot, who buys six chairs and a dining table these days. We had to get married; wait for it, I had to circumnavigate the six dining chairs and extendable dining table to get into bed. Likewise Pat, who had the three piece suite, separate bedrooms of course. Cups and saucers, I bought our tea service off the antique dealer who was serving us afternoon tea from them. We bought silver that we still use but most is now in plastic bags tucked away in draws, you don’t have to clean them that way. The blanket chest is still in use but of course it’s used to store the duvets. We still have some of the original aluminium saucepans we were given as Wedding Presents and we still use some of the Stainless Steel cutlery the Old Man liberated from the Axis hordes. I know we had a new fitted lounge carpet, the bed was new but the TV was rented, I think we begged most of the curtains. The fridge was second hand, almost antique. A Frigidaire, it had rounded corners and I got the lads at the local garage to spray it. I think the shade was Capri White, which just happened to be in the spray shop at the time. I was lucky Vauxhall were producing a Velox in a peculiar shade of puce. Can anyone add any more items still in use?

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      When I got married in the late 60s my aunt bought us a set of white glass Pyrex casserole dishes with flowers on.I still use them today but unfortunatly one of the glass lids got broke.

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      Hi George nice to have you back and what an interesting topic to get your teeth into.
      Unfortunately I have searched my brain to recall an item of interest I still possess after 50 some odd years of marriage.
      I can’t recall anything. I still have our wedding Album though and its nice to think the smiling face I see of that nineteen year old beauty, looking up at me , still smiles at me today.

      All I can say George is that I am most grateful to the powers that be, That I have my memories and my wedding album, to keep me going today.

      Below the old cellar head.

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