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      John Thixton one of our members from down under, writes :

      I note the trams in the picture & in several other old pictures you have posted. In my time there were only trolly buses running from overhead wires (left W-ton in 1948 – now live in Australia) but from recent pictures it seems these are also gone.
      Can you give us a timeline for when the tram lines were dug up and when the trolly bus wires were removed?

      The Tram lines started to disappear in the early 1920’s John and for a brief period overhead wiring was introduced But it was not long before the council boldy decided to to scrap the tramways altogether and Tracks were quickly lifted the roads relayed and October 1923 a single decker trolleybus built on motor bus lines made a trial run to Wednesfield.

      (My friend John Hughes collection)

      The trolleybus system was abandoned John in stages between 1961 and march 1967,When the route to Dudley via Fighting Cox and Sedgley replaced by Motor Buses.

      LAST BUS 1

      Below the old cellar head.

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