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      VE DAY

      Bob sowed the seed for  an interesting thread regarding Street Parties on the Off Topic Forum, Perhaps we can make it grow here on places.

      All over Britain flags went up for V.E. Day street parties and although hats were plentiful, flags themselves were in short supply in the pleasant little road close to Fowlers Park.

      Nevertheless these happy families have cause to celebrate, the last five years had been a time of hardship and tragedy, and now perhaps this generation of children could look forward to a better future.

      Looking at the spread it looks as though quite a few ration books have been exhausted to provide this feast, and as I recall both sweets and chocolate remained on ration until the early 1950’s.

      This photo is of Swinford Road, Park Village . A place that holds many fine memories for me.



      Below the old cellar head.

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