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      I have recently been informed that the Talbot public house that used to be on Market St was once a brothel and that there was an underground passageway running from the Old Still to it, the passage was to enable gentlemen to visit the brothel without being seen from the street, can anyone endorse this?

      carole mellor

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      Hello Carole

      Nice to have you on board. Regarding the “Talbot Hotel” . During my studies of Old Wolverhampton over the years I have discovered there have been many hostelries in various parts of the town were  “Ladies of the Night” have plied their trade, and perhaps  “Talbot Hotel” was no exception at some time. considering the age of the original House.

      But I doubt if the Gents would have needed a tunnel especially dug for that popular pastime as the original entrance was opposite what became the Old Still in King Street, for many years.

      I think you may have opened a can of worms here Carole


      Below the old cellar head.

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