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      Westbury Warwick


      Below the old cellar head.

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      I posted this picture and caption in reply to ane-mail of Ray Dockery who asks if anyone recalls tales from around St Patricks Hi Bill

      Enjoyed your talk at the Grand Theatre on Thursday.

      As I mentioned my dads family lived in Thornley street for many years.

      His grand father Michael was living at number 11 in 1901 and his wife Mary died there in 1941.

      I think his sons Patrick my grand father and Bernard both had houses in the street, Patrick moved to Thompson avenue when it was first built and Bernard moved down by the East park later on.

      I all so had a uncle living in Little’s lane after the war.

      Patrick he joined the fire service and was in the Staffs Yeomanry down by the West Park before and during the war

      Some years ago I met Ray and Eric Jarman who had also lived in Thornley street and they remembered my dad and uncle and Bernard’s daughter Kathleen.

      I know my dad used the Warwick pub but he also would mention a pub he called moonies or something like that, any Idea what that was.

      Cheers Ray Dockery

      I haven’t a picture of the east side of Thornley Street showing your grandfathers house No.11 but I recall now Bernard Dockery lived a couple of doors away from friends of ours the Hadleys .

      The picture I have posted is a poor one showing Westbury Street which as you probably know was the Street that ran along the back of the east side of Thornley Street and the coal lorry is parked alongside the kerb on the west side Westbury Street.

      The shop on the corner was a greengrocers at that time,and opposite them in Littles Lane you see the side of the public house you mentioned “The Warwick”.

      Peering out from behind the Warwick are the rear of the houses in St Mary’s Terrace.

      On the right of the picture with the cars parked in front of the presbetery, is St Patricks Church

      all depicted will soon be lost as the ring road crosses Stafford Street to connect with Broad Street.

      Finally Mickey Mooneys was the nickname for a Public House I will check up again But I believe it was The Plough off Walsall Street.

      Below the old cellar head.

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