Lost Wolverhampton

Lost Wolverhampton mid 1950s

Once Stately, Once  Noble, now the subject of pity,
this  Prince amongst  Towns.  Now doleful city.
I offer you my homage due, and pray that you will  rise anew.

Aerial view of Wolverhampton mid 1950s

To see once again through the eyes of a dove , and look across the town I love, a place once much admired,
I see your face then lined with care, those  streets that were your thoroughfare.. now sadly looking tired.

I mark how well with grace you wear . your stately coronet in your hair; St Peters Church, your crown.
You look so grand as you peer down , Oh mother of my town.

Saint Peter’s Church 1953

I note that after their daily chore, as shelter from the traffic’s roar beneath your shade in Summer sit,
retired ladies who talk and knit, while old men sleep and snore.

The Fountain in St Peter’s Gardens 1968

And in the waters of your fountain Sweet as people stroll along Lichfield Street,
a little boy sails his boat in waters issued from a dolphins throat.

St Peter’s 1945

You the Mother of our town; do you not now weep when you look down. On us your foolish children.
Or do you still see  a township fine and say of us with pride, they are still mine, a noble hearty people.

What secrets are locked within your heart, what truth of them could you impart, Of days now gone before us.
I have travelled far and wide and always speak of you with pride, and of my native town that bore me.

Lady Wulfrun

And I still see your  mighty town, by looking up not looking down, and often around thy streets I walk;
these streets now of different house’s, and with  old townsfolk I stop and talk. I hear their grumps and grouses.

Prince Albert in the Square

Today  as I walk into the square with Albert’s statue standing there, I can see we are still patriotic.
My thoughts go  back to times gone by,  back to were  I hear a  traders cry, and see the crowds in Dudley Street, and watch a policeman on his beat and see trolley buses passing by.

St Peter’s at night

And  walking through your streets at night to  see you bathed in pale moonlight.
Holds for me a wonder I can’t explain,  I know I shall have to  come, again.

And so I will, to pay my due and offer you my service true. you once mighty town that bore me.
Oh please rise again and take your place, my noble town with dirty face, and rebuild our streets for us to  see and  for other cities to envy.

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  1. Hi, love this site! Was looking at the aerial photo of Wolverhampton, what were the buildings next to the ABC cinema, can’t quite make them out.


  2. Hi Jackie I can’t be sure exactly which buildings you mean, But alongside the Savoy in Garrick Street was and still is The Public Library/ At the side and rear in Old Hall Street was the Technical High School now Adult College.

  3. I lived in Lord st at the butchers shop which came under compulsory purchase . so my father had to find another buisness so we had to leave Wolverhampton where my ancestors had lived for hundreds of years. your pictures bring back lots of memorys. I am still a Wulfrunian at heart . thank you.

  4. Hello Margaret Born a Wulfrunian always a Wulfrunian! you must tell us more. have a look at our forum on here and also our facebook group. Best Wishes.

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