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      Hello Nick, My name is Peter Winmill.

      I was born in 1954, and also went to the Convent Prep until I was 11 (one year before you were born!!).  I remember Sister Mary Brigid very well, and she seemed old when I was there, and I had 2 older brothers (10 and 11 years older) who also went there with the nasty old Sister!!

      My brother Steven also went to St. Chads, but he was born in 1943.

      I have lived in Canada and the US since 1975, but returned home many times.

      I would love to see some pictures of the convent, as I have none, and my parents are now both deceased.

      I was also born at 8 riley crescent, which was affiliated with the Sisters, the convent, and the monastery?!

      Heres hoping?!

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