Query Corner

Query Corner

Hello to everyone who enjoys reading my Blog, again I would like to say a big thank you, as it’s always fun to get an email or a comment on something I have posted.

I have had a few more comments left on the posts recently and I hope this trend continues to grow as I really enjoy people asking me if I remember certain places or people from Wolverhamptons yesteryear.

To make it easier to for other blog followers to read peoples questions and my answers, I have decided to try something new.

From now on if someone leaves a comment with a question, if i have anything to say on the subject I will feature the original comment and my answer in it’s own little post.

I will be calling these posts ‘Query Corner’, and will show the original comment and my reply to them within the post.

OK, with that little explanation out of the way I’d like to move on to the first ever Query Corner.

Query Corner

“Hi Bill. Do you, or anybody out there remember a second hand car pitch in Molineux St just past Vincent St, opposite the football ground, in the mid 1950s, or have any photos of Molineux St in this time?”


Yes John, I remember it well It seemed to me from stories I heard that there had always been an area of open ground on that corner of Vincent Street used over the years for garage related businesses.

One such story came from Kath Thomas, whose father Albert Thomas was the licencee at the ‘Cottage Spring’ in North Street.

Its beer garden overlooked that area of open ground and Molineux Street. When the original Molineux Street stand blew down in the gales in January 1925, he allowed the customers to stand on the garden tables on match days, and did a roaring trade.

But back to your comment and this photo from the time in question. At that time S & H.Amis limited, sold second hand cars from here next door to Pay Pool Motor engineers on the corner of Vincent Street, seen opposite the returning trolleybus

No. 3 bus from Fordhouses
No. 3 bus from Fordhouses

There were times before and after the war, when the No.3 bus from Fordhouse’s would have been stranded here in Molineux Street for above ten minutes, as the hordes of fans left the ground after the final whistle.

A little further up the street next to the hoarding which separates it from O’Connors shoe repairs, the pet shop is finding the trade very slow these days.

But on the opposite corner to Jimmy O’Connor. The Fox Hotel is still doing a good trade, especially when the ‘Wolves’ are at home.

The bus will continue on its return journey from Fordhouses and make its right turn into North Street, in front of Jones’ fish and chip shop and Corkes Radio shop next door, and will proceed to its stop at the ‘Chequer Ball’.

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  1. The Chequer Ball was used as the watering hole for most of the market staff, including the outside retail market traders. Yes the market was a cold place, but Tommy Gold of Gold brothers never wore socks, winter or summer, owing to the fact that he served time fighting in the desert.. Both Markets housed great characters. Emmy Green and her family, Edie taylor, known for her clothes, Lizzie bowen and may, could go on forever

  2. Does anyone remember anything about the steam locomotive that ended up in Bushbury Pool never to be found. As talked about by my parents.

  3. The car patch was Mollneux Motors was owned/leased by a bloke called Walter Wooton or Whitton . He also had Peel Street motors. I worked at both places in 1962 for four months, just cleaning cars while waiting for my apprenticeship to come through.Earning 4 pound a week.

    1. 4 quid a week? wow, that was good money for an apprentice. I bet that was more than a person would earn on present day minimum wage.

  4. Anyone remember the Summer house in St Marks St, Robbins corner shop, Fred Selveys welding and fabrication workshop.and the bakery, all in St Marks St.

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