Post 118 Life With The Lions


“Howes Life” with the Lions   When my Aunt featured in the Lions Den at Bostock & Wombwells, Menagerie, in 1930 It was to be the last time this popular attraction would visit our town.   This lively sketch of the old Market Place, dated 1793, by artist Thomas Rowlandson, […]

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Mouthing Off!

The terrible  treatment of the weaker sex across the World at the moment, which I abhor, is brought to us graphically every day through the news and media. Regarding this, the lines and title in this  my latest post may seem a bit derogatory. I can assure you this is […]

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The Markets

The original market place as you probably know was in High Green, which is now Queen Square; and was long a nuisance to the inhabitants and a great trial to the health of the Butchers, green-grocers etc, who possessed the stalls. So in 1848, the newly elected Town Council agreed […]

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