Lawyers Field – Deanery Row – Prospect Place – Fender Row

These are truly historic names, now long gone, that for me and for many others conjure up a picture of happy memories which most of us today visualise  through rose-coloured glasses. But in reality if you had seen the living accommodation around Prospect Place in the years between the wars, you wouldn’t have thought  there would have been much prospect in view for the inhabitants of that little patch between North Street and Stafford Street. Nevertheless,  many went on to do great things.

Around the Four Ashes 1875
Around the Four Ashes 1875

The reason I am posting these solitary two picture is to encourage more people to join the forum and share their knowledge of Lost Wolverhampton, and to make enquires such as this one I received today of Michael Roberts , now seventy-one. He was  born in Eagle Street (although  he doesn’t say which – the one  off  Steelhouse Lane or  Penn Fields).
He spent most of his childhood living at No. 13 Lawyers Field, whilst his grandparents, named Dutton, lived at the “Broome Girl”, a Lodging House in Charles Street which they owned.  He his trying to trace information regarding his forebears from the area.

Prospect Place at the top of Lawyers Field circa 1950
Prospect Place at the top of Lawyers Field circa 1950

It’s not always the case, but in this instance I have a picture showing the house Michael refers to at the top of Lawyers Field as it adjoins Top Yard Prospect Place and Middle Row, which as he says at that time was No.13. I shall place this post again on the Forum site and hope more interested parties will start to use it.

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  1. Betty whats the exact reason you are interested in St Peter’s Square. As you may know in my day it was not a square as such as St Johns’ and St James’s .Just a 200 yard carriageway than ran from Tin-Shop Yard and Charles Street to join Wulfruna Street.
    I have various bits of info regarding this ancient square but the older pictures before the 1950’s are rare.

    1. Hello Billy, The reason I am so interested in St.Peters Square is that my family lived there in about 1840 and I have tried to find a decent photograph but could only find ones showing bits of the square and wondered if you had any pictures of it. Hope you are keeping well.

      Best wishes Betty.

  2. I don’t know the area but my greatgreatgrandparents, my greatgrandmother and her brothers and sisters lived at 29 Lawyers Fields at the time of the 1881 census. Their surname was Gahagan.

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